1. You both are amazing. I know the children you look after will have the best parents any child or children could have.

  2. Matt and Jessica, You are doing what Matt’s MeMa Griffin did for 35 forster children here in Alabama. She did not have that many at one time but did have 13 at one time. She and my father were keeping foster children when he died and had 4 sisters at that time. They all came to her funeral and all called her Mother Griffin. All of them married so well and have had such a good life. I know all the children you keep will feel the same way about you and you will love them all like Mother lived each child she kept. Just pray God will continue to bless you and Aniah and Arianna in all the work you do. Love, Nana

  3. I had the privilege of spending a week with the Holt’s in Guatemala. They are truely people after God’s own heart. God’s speed my friends, God’s speed….

  4. Matt and Jessica: Thanks for sharing your time and insights today when I visited you at your home. You are doing amazing things for children’s futures and for Christ’s Kingdom! The model you have proven will create more lasting impact and hopefully become the standard for caring for children without biological/capable parents.

    In Christ,

  5. I love you all so much. I pray every day that I can get well enough to join you, even if for only a week. It is so hard to watch from the sidelines and really want to jump in. Right now, all I can do is pray for you and your ministry. For now, my ministry will be pointing those who can go in my place. I know prayer can do a lot, so know that there is someone back here lifting you up. Love you all. I am looking forward to meeting all those kids.

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