Raising Boys Into Men


I have an encouraging story that may bring some hope to you. One of the things I always want to see is kids growing in their skills and growing in confidence. Not living with parents for most of your life means you’ve missed out on a lot. Things like reading together, goodnight hugs, or just being told “you’re doing great in school”.

A bruised reed he will not break,
and a smoldering wick
he will not snuff out.
 Isaiah 42:3


For teen boys in orphanages, there are many things they need to catch up with. Knowing how to use tools is one of those things. I love to involve our boys when somethings needs to be repaired. They’ve had to learn from scratch how to use basic tools…and they’ve come a long way since our move here in June of 2014.

When we came to Guatemala, someone had donated some bikes which we were able to ship down here. At first the boys weren’t sure how to work on them… how to change a tire, or put a chain back on. They weren’t sure what was the difference between a nail or a screw. So we just started fixing things together. Since then, they’ve learned to paint, put up shelving, fix bicycle brakes, chains and repair inner tubes… they’ve torn down walls and even done cement work (that was TOTALLY new for me too…)

And now we’ve turned a corner. Yesterday, we were able to fix a water heater together. And that…is a milestone for anyone in my book. There is nothing like seeing rescued children getting hands-on experience, and gaining the confidence they need for life.  Patti and I often mention James 1:20 to each other, and we think, “surely God had much in mind when he inspired these words…”

I want to give you an idea of what life is like in Guatemala. This video is from a nearby village and represents what living in Guatemala is like for too many.


If you’ve visited Guatemala or read our statistics page, you know that life is fragile here, and the orphan crisis is very real. Can you help us care today for children who are being rescued from tragedy?