Giving to The Safe Haven Village Mission

Here are the answers to questions you may have:

“I would like to make a donation to go directly to you.”

  • Specify your donation for Safe Haven Village, and the missionary’s name (i.e. the Rule, Monk, or Holt homes), to help meet the needs of that home, with 10-11 rescued children in their care.
  • When you give to Safe Haven Village 100% of your donation goes to support the needs. Gifts to Hope of Life support other projects.

“What is Hope of Life International?”

  • Hope of Life International is a Christian humanitarian organization and mission started in 1987.
  • In 2014, Safe Haven Village was established on the campus of Hope of Life, with whom we serve in Guatemala.
  • will redirect to when you make a gift.

“How will I know you received my donation?”

  • Your donation to Safe Haven Village is processed by Hope of Life from whom you’ll get a thank you. You’ll also receive a email and thank you from the Safe Haven Village missionary, who will also share with you how your donation is having an impact via regular updates.
  • Your donation is tax-deductible as permitted by law.

“What does it cost to run a home at Safe Haven Village?”

  • The average cost to run a home is $2300 per month for basic living needs (groceries, water, education, medical care, housing maintenance, electricity, etc). Each family has 11 children and 2 parents.
  • The missionaries raise support for their ministry.