Ongoing Projects

10/23/2014 Update

PROGRESS REPORT: There are now 3 homes built at Safe Haven Village! Two families, the Holts and Monks, have completed training and are now living full time with the children in their care. John and Tanya Rule are in their training phase with 10 children in their care currently. A Guatemalan family is also living at Safe Haven Village to care for orphaned children. We are thankful to see this dream become a reality.

Project Orphans, a ministry based in the USA, has partnered with Hope of Life International and Safe Haven Village to bring homes and families to abandoned children in the 3rd world. We anticipate seeing 1-2 additional homes built this coming year through this collaboration. We are honored to be partnering with Project Orphans!


 The Keeper’s Housesafe-haven-village

This is the second home planned for construction at Safe Haven Village, we are praying for one or more generous sponsors with a heart for the nations to contribute toward this next home. When this second home is completed, it will bring the total number of children being cared for in family style orphan care in the village to 20! Phil and Patti Monk are the next family in line to move to Safe Haven Village to provide care for the precious orphans needing families. Learn more about them here.


      • December 2013 – Land is secured for the 2nd house to be built. We are thankful to the Lord! We are now awaiting donors to fund the construction of the 2nd house. Amount needed: $25,000.
      • 01/1/2014 – Great news, a generous donor gave $25,000 to build the 2nd home for Safe Haven Village!
      • IMG_249901/28/2014 – Lot and ground have been cleared in preparation for the construction of the 2nd house, where Phil and Patti Monk will be moving. Some support has begun to come it for the children’s monthly needs.
      • We are looking for monthly sponsors to join us in this mission to provide for orphans.


The Shepherd’s Housesafe-haven-village- (2)

This is the first family-style orphan care home to be built at Safe Haven Village on the campus of Hope of Life International in Zacapa, Guatemala. This home will house 10 children, with separate bedrooms for boys, girls, parent host family, kitchen, living area, and bathroom. The amount needed for this project is $25,000 U.S. A dollar for dollar matching grant is being provided by a friend of Hope of Life to pay for the remainder of the construction.


      • Construction Budget Met. Praise the Lord!
      • 10/24/2013 -The Shepherd’s House construction is underway.
      • 01/11/2014-The Holts have moved to Hope of Life’s campus where Safe Haven Village is being established. They have begun training. Construction continues for the first (1)
      • 01/28/2014-Last week mission teams came to Safe Haven Village to lend a hand. A water line trench has been dug and run to the house. The team also helped paint the house and plant some trees. The roof is on. Flooring is being finished. Things are progressing well with construction.
      • Monthly support is starting to come in to meet the children’s needs.
      • We are looking for monthly sponsors to join us in this mission to provide for orphans.