Prayers Are Being Answered

Little Alma has captured my heart.

We had been sponsoring little Alma for a few months now through Hope of Life’s child sponsorship program, and had sent her some photographs of us and our boys, and also some of her from our previous visits to the orphanage at Hope of Life International. Kids in orphanages love having photographs of themselves, it’s a rare treat. On a side note, we’ve been in the practice of doing this at the dumps as well, and the people absolutely treasure having photographs of them and their kids.


Anyway, when we arrived late Saturday and Alma saw us, she came running. And we hugged.

I’ve never been hugged so strongly by anyone. Especially not a 1o year old little girl with a beautiful smile.


We spent several days at the orphanage doing a vacation bible school. We sang a lot, we danced, we had a muppet show and a pizza party. We even wrote songs and learned some songs from each other. Some in English, and some in Spanish. Songs of praise to God for His faithfulness, “Dios es fiel”, “God is faithful”.  It says something when you hear these children sing their big little hearts out to words like “You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of dust; You make beautiful things out of  us”. It chokes me up even now as I write this. These precious ones are jewels in the King’s crown. They love God and they know Him as their true father. They are rich in Him. They know and love Him. They are gifted and fearless to sing of Him, or to share that good news with their neighbor.


Yet, in their seeming strength,  these children want a mommy and a daddy.

We found out recently from an older girl who lived at the orphanage that some of the children told her they have been praying. They’ve been asking God to bring families to Hope of Life, so that the children will have families. The doors to international adoptions are closed in Guatemala right now, but the doors to prayer are not closed. God is now answering these prayers and Family-style care is coming to Hope of Life through Safe Haven Village.

So now children will have families at Hope of Life. Their prayers are being answered.






What do you think?