Hope of Life International

Safe Haven Village is a ministry of Hope of Life International.Hope of Life Website Graphic

Hope of Life International was founded by Carlos and Cheryl Vargas over 20 years ago.  At Hope of Life International every life is precious, just as it is to God. They are the helping hands and busy feet of Jesus to the people of Guatemala, particularly those in great need in the highlands of this beautiful country. By providing humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, and shoe distributions, medical clinics, village restorations, rescue missions, feeding programs, and more; Hope of Life is able to reach the hearts of the people desperate for spiritual hope.

Hope of Life International partners with ministries, churches, and individuals to make it possible to spread the Gospel and reach each precious life before it is too late.

To find out more about Hope of Life International and the ongoing work being done in Guatemala and beyond to serve the least of these, visit www.hopeoflifeintl.org.