How does Safe Haven Village make a lasting impact in the lives of the children?

The children at Safe Haven Village receive the daily love, care, and attention you would expect to see in a healthy family. Meal times are important, daily routines and responsibilities, time as a family, devotions… these are some of the habits that help solidify our foundations in life and prepare us for tomorrow. All children receive an education at Liberty College (with schooling for all grades), a private school on the campus of Hope of Life International and one of the best schools in the region. Training in technical and professional trades are also available to the older students. Educational visas are also made available from time to time for students.

How is  the work of Safe Haven Village different from child sponsorship ministries? 

Child sponsorship ministries working throughout the world are wonderful, and we have actually supported some over the years.  It’s our experience that monthly child sponsorship ministries come alongside existing relief and development work, by providing extra support for a child, supplementing where needed, depending on what’s already available to the child. The key there being extra support.

At Safe Haven Village, orphaned children are being given the gift of family with all their needs being met. Up to ten children are paired up with a Christian family, becoming a new family. All the children’s needs are met from the ground up, including food, water, housing, clothing, healthcare, education, hygiene training, training for life skills and discipleship.

What type of development work is being done to empower the people in need?

Hope of Life International is instrumental in changing the face of Guatemala not only from a relief/assistance perspective, but also with long term development in mind, in the form of  education, community development and job creation, including a tilapia farm, greenhouse farming, establishing a hospital, and digging wells for clean water. The team at Hope of Life always has a new project on the go. One of the latest projects is the establishment of a leadership institute.

What is Safe Haven Village’s role at Hope of Life International?

The families at Safe Haven Village are missionaries serving with Hope of Life to raise orphaned children. The heart of the ministry is to bring up children whose lives are transformed by the love of Jesus and who will be lights in their country. The missionaries raise support for the needs of the children in their care as well as their own personal needs.

How does the process of selection work, which children are selected to live in the village houses?  What are the age ranges of children in each home?

The social worker selects the children to be placed in each home. Each family group will include different ages to keep the structure as close to a typical family as possible.

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