Creating Families: A Note on Sleepovers and House Construction

Most of us have memories of childhood sleepovers. In many ways, it has become a part of our culture. Parents are all too familiar with the scheming pleas for their kids’ friends or cousins to come and stay for the night. I am not quite sure what about sleepovers brings such excitement and joy. Perhaps it is the change from the familiar, or perhaps it is the bond created between friends during that experience. There is an unspoken mile marker that is crossed in a childhood friendship after a sleepover has been held.

For children growing up in an orphanage, “sleepovers” are an everyday occurrence, except their sleepovers are void of any excitement and anticipation due to the monotony of the event. Day in and day out, they must sleep with their peers. Forced families, forced friendships, forced sleepovers – the result is a normal childhood lost in many ways.

Our vision at Safe Haven Village is to redeem the childhood of our children. We believe the Lord’s promise in Joel to restore the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). And something as simple as a sleepover can be a part of that process, for the Lord has also reminded us to not despise the day of small beginnings (Zecheriah 4:10).

As the Rule family and the Holt family have been in the United States the past two weeks getting their passports renewed, their children have enjoyed the wonders of an extended sleepover. They have stayed with the other Safe Haven families, and the excitement of sleeping over with their friends is being restored.

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Meanwhile, construction on Tanya and John Rule’s home continues. Lord willing, they will be settled into their new home in Safe Haven Village in the coming months.

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  1. Tanya and John, you are on a mission that few of us know. Your devotion to children is amazing. What you are doing few people could. I am proud to know you and your 4 beautiful children. Bless you!o

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